About Benefithousing

Benefithousing.co.uk has been established to fill a hole in the property market.  Surveys suggest that nearly 50% of people who were searching for rental property are in receipt of DSS/Housing Benefit payments.  At benefithousing.co.uk we are aware of the need to make searching for housing benefit property and letting agents that provide housing benefit property easier, thus benefithousing.co.uk has been started.

What can be found on benefithousing.co.uk

The site is newly established and currently provides links to websites that provide housing benefit property amongst non housing benefit property.  Over time the database will be established to list letting agents and property just for DSS.

Town Page Links

Use the links below to quick link to some of the main towns in the United Kingdom to start your search for rental property.

Towns with DSS Property Available

Use the towns pages to find information and links to property and resources in the area you are looking to rent in.

Find Housing Benefit Property and Letting Agents in Your Town