DSS Welcome Estate Agents

DSS Welcome Estate Agents

At Benefithousing we aim to bring the largest selection of DSS welcome estate agents in locations across the UK. All over the country there is a shortage of housing and the aim is to try to bring the potential tenants to the landlords. There are many ways you can find agents in your area and the best way to start is to use the search feature on the website.

This has been setup so you can search for the town, city or even suburb (in the largest towns) where you would most like to live. There are also details of the local council office and maps of the area. From here you can start your search for letting agents with DSS properties to rent.

Find More DSS Welcome Estate Agents on Benefithousing

Below you will find some top tips on how to find the letting agents with property available and suitable for DSS tenants.

(1) Use websites like Benefithousing as your first search technique. The websites are setup to help you find specific accommodations suitable for DSS tenants, rather than the larger non niche specific search websites.

(2) Know the area you are wanting to move to or find housing within. This is important and can help you narrow down your search criteria. One thing to note is to make sure you do not have a too smaller area for where you would like to live. With limited housing resources you may need to consider a larger area.

(3) Contact the council before looking for your house via an estate agent so you are aware of how much your budget will be & how much housing benefit you will be entitled for when you start your search.

(4) Act fast! It is important to be pro-active and act fast when you are searching for your property. There are lots of people that will also be looking for accommodation so strike fast and you could well be the lucky one.

(5) Compromise on your requirements. You may need to sacrifice some parts of your requirements in order to find a house that suites what you are looking for. So make sure you are aware of what you need and what you can be flexible on.

Can’t Find DSS Welcome Estate Agents in Your Area

If you are having problems with finding Estate Agents that are supplying DSS properties, then there are other ways to find housing. Firstly the council can help you out or you may find private landlords that have houses to rent. The key to being successful is to keep looking, there will be something out there that does meet your requirements.

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