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Local Housing Allowance Acocks Green

Local Housing Allowance is a new method that the local councils have introduced to help DSS tenants to find their next property.  The method is used to help maintain a fair way for everyone to calculate what they are entitled to when they look to claim benefit.  This part of the Benefithousing website will help give you information and advice on how to use the LHA (Local Housing Allowance) method to calculate the probable payments you are entitled to.


Bedroom Entitlement Calculator

Once you have calculated your likely number of bedrooms that you will be entitled to you still need to ensure that you search for a property that will be suitable and fall within your budget.  Benefithousing has property and letting agents that are suitable for DSS tenants and there are plenty of other resources around the site. 


Other Benefithousing Resources

Below are the links to the DSS Lettings Page on the Benefithousing website which has letting agents and information on renting property when in receipt of local housing allowance.

DSS Lettings Acocks Green


What is your Entitlement when in Receipt of Local Housing Allowance

How much could I be entitled too under the Local Housing Allowance in Acocks Green?

The information below gives you an idea of the average rental prices that are available for rentals for the Acocks Green area for a Local Housing Allowance property.

NB/ Range of rents are calculated based on a weekly sum.

  Number of Rents From To Median
1 Bedroom 193 103.85 219.23 138.46
1 Room (Shared) 27 52.00 89.31 75.00
2 Bedrooms 423 103.85 507.69 173.08
3 Bedrooms 257 97.62 426.92 201.92
4 Bedrooms 102 150 646.15 288.46
5 Bedrooms 19 230.77 669.23 369.23


Charted Average Rental Prices for Local Housing Allowance Acocks Green