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Local Housing Allowance Oxford

The Local Housing Allowance is a new method that local councils are using in order to allocate property and benefit entitlement to tenants who are renting from the private sector.  This page is dedicated to any tenant who is looking to rent in Oxford and will need to understand the Local Housing Allowance and how it works.

The first main feature is that you will need to work out how you decide on what property is suitable for you, to calculate how much you are entitled to use the Bedroom calculator below.

Bedroom Entitlement Calculator

In order to find a property you will still need to make sure you perform your searches as before.  The first place to start is to utilize the whole of the Benefithousing website Oxford pages which have letting agents, property and plenty additional features.

DSS Lettings Oxford

DSS Property Oxford

How much could I be entitled too under the Local Housing Allowance in Oxford?

The chart below gives a guideline to the amount of money you could be entitled too under the local housing allowance scheme and is based upon weekly calculations.  You can use the median (Average) value to use as a guideline when you are looking for a private rental property.

NB/ Range of rents are calculated based on a weekly sum.

  Number of Rents From To Median
1 Bedroom 300 96.92 230.77 150.00
1 Room (Shared) 77 63.46 122.00 90.00
2 Bedrooms 1362 111.92 507.69 190.38
3 Bedrooms 402 144.23 484.62 213.46
4 Bedrooms 232 51.92 807.69 300.00
5 Bedrooms 69 206.54 484.62 392.31


Charted Average Rental Prices for Local Housing Allowance Oxford