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DSS Property aims to provide only property that is suitable for people who are in receipt of housing benefit.

At it was noticed that there was a considerable lack of websites which were wholly aimed to people who were in receipt of housing benefit. This in turn makes it hard for people to find suitable property to live in and results in a vast amount of wasted time trying to find property.

How do I start my search? – See below.

Town Page Links

Towns with DSS Property Available has towns and cities listed across the UK with letting agents and property links for people searching for property that accepts DSS and housing benefit.  To start your search for  a property then simply click the link below to the towns listing page and then select the town where you are looking to rent a property.

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Towns Page Listings – Click Here

Benefithousing Property Directory

Any property uploaded to the site is suitable for DSS tenants therefore you may wish to check out the property directory on the site.

You can visit directly to the property listings pages by clicking on the image to the left.  From here you can view any property that has been uploaded to the site and alsow click through to the towns pages for further information and links to more resources and useful sites.

Benefithousing Property Directory – Click Here