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DSS Property Benefithousing.co.uk aims to provide only property that is suitable for people who are in receipt of housing benefit. At Benefithousing.co.uk it was noticed that there was a considerable lack of websites which were wholly aimed to people who were in receipt of housing benefit. This in turn makes it hard for people to find suitable property to live in and results in a vast amount of wasted time trying to find property. How do I start my search? – See below. Town Page Links Towns with DSS PropertyRead More

Search For DSS Properties in London

DSS Properties in London

Are you in receipt of housing benefit or local housing allowance and looking for a rental property? If so then you are probably searching for DSS properties in London with thousands of other people, where demand for a property is high and the number of available properties is low.  The supply and demand factors are common problems for people who are looking to rent when in receipt of benefits or local housing allowance, so what can be done to help you with the search and put you one step aheadRead More

Housing Benefit Changing to Local Housing Allowance

Local Housing Allowance

Housing Benefit is going to change for people who are living in private rented accommodation.  From April 2008 the housing benefit payment will be known as the Local Housing Allowance (LSA). So what is the Change? The calculation will be based not on the rent amount, but will be calculated on the number of other key values.  These are listed below :- The area that you are going to be living in Who will be living with you How much money you have coming into the family home Any savingsRead More

Benefithousing.co.uk is Live and Kicking


Benefithousing.co.uk has been launched and setup to fill a gap in the market. The site has been live now for just over 1 week and is already providing visitors information, articles, letting agents details and much more to help them with the search for a housing benefit or dss property. The services, features and functions of the website will be enhanced over the coming months so look out for much more. Some of the exciting features will include property uploads, enhanced agents details and more council information amongst many otherRead More

Find Out Why DSS Lettings Are On The Increase

DSS Lettings on the Increase

Due to the current economic climate the need for DSS Lettings is on the up and with more and more people looking to rent the demand shortage is ever more greater. With such a shortage of demand how do people go about finding a property that will suite their needs and how can more demand be generated. Both of these questions are very hard to quantify, but the credit crunch could become a good mechanism to try to strike back at the landlords that are unwilling to try letting theirRead More

Discover the Best DSS Lettings in Oxford

DSS Tenants Oxford

If you are in receipt of housing benefit or dss payments then you may be finding it hard to get your next rental property.  DSS Lettings in Oxford are few and far between and with the lack of property completely outstripping the demand then there are real problems for the tenants. The good news is there are properties out there and there are letting agents who are prepared to offer their service for people who are in receipt of dss payments, housing benefit or local housing allowance.  On benefithouisng thereRead More

Tenants Search for DSS Lettings Across Liverpool

Renting DSS Liverpool

If you are on the look out for somewhere to find your next rental property and are in receipt of the local housing allowance, housing benefit or DSS then you have come to the right place.  DSS Lettings in Liverpool are hard to come across and that is why this site was setup to try to get a single point of contact where you can come and contact letting agents, dss resources and DSS friendly services. So how can Benefithousing help you find your next rental property?  Simple we haveRead More